Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day Tribute

  On this Father's Day
              I wrote a tribute to
                       My Precious Husband and
                                  Your Dear Dad.

                  GOD'S MAN
Sunday Morning
    He sits now, in a pew with the congregation
        Hands in his lap, quiet.
He does not lead in worship,
    He is not rightly dividing the Word
        As he did  for som many  years.
He sings, the old hymns
    He follows, in his worn Word
        As it is read from the pulpit.
All those Sunday Worships he led are
    Now in the storehouse.
Time has taken it's toll on the body of
    This very strong Man of God.

His Heart still Yearns:
    For the Bride of Christ to stand     
         and be all she should be; To Be Strong!
    For the Lost, all around the world
    For the millions of children who never
         Were born because of the abomination
                of abortion.
    For the  young men, who are following
                     in the ministry
    For True Revival to sweet our land!

He Still
        Discerns The Word
        Seeks the will of God

His prayers still reach Heaven's Throne
    For those in need
        The ill, the hurt
                The lost and searching ones.
                       America and her leaders.

His Love is strong for the Church
    Praying daily for her health and restoration.
The Lord Leads
    This man is his Servant!
    He is ever open to His Father's will.

He is ever faithful
    This Elder Pastor, Shepherd, Husband
    Father, Grandfather, Teacher, Lead,



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  1. What a fine tribute to my beloved Grandfather! How blessed am I?...not only to have this man in my life, but to know him and love him and his precious wife who writes such touching words of love and truth!