Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Island

Have you ever lived on an island?

I never had until January of this year.

At that time we inhabited a very nice little
island located on Sunset Strip in Eldon Missouri.
Bet ya' didn't know there is an island in Eldon.
We came to this "Island" when Bob begin a time
of weakness, virtigo, and illness.
He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in February.
 'Nuff said about our reasons for being on our Island.

Island living is not bad. Our island is inhabited by "The Man"
and yours truly.   We have running water, TV, Cell phone
and Land line, and a PC all connected to the "main land"
and our family. That is a real plus to" Island" living.
The best part of "Island" living is
the time we have with each other...
time for "remembering" and for watching TV together,
for laughter, for Bible Reading and
prayer with lot of sleep. You would not believe how
we have solved all the world's problems.
We have access to fresh food, grocery stores
as well as the Drug Store [this is important] and Doctor's Office.

Food, you ask???? Goodness, I have baked bread, biscuits,
cornbread, cinnamon rolls, and made dressing several times.
I read my cookbooks and been on Web sites, then made lots
of new things. We have eaten well, believe me.
Course there have been breaks, like KFC
and McDonalds and Subway.
That necitates a quick trip to the "mainland"

We have had some visitors. I will admit they have been few
 and somewhat far between,however we love it when they happen in.
Our Children come when they can get their "boats" headed this way.
Since they all live on the "main land" and have jobs
and children, they are not "docking" often.
They are in daily communication,
and would be here if we needed them.

Island Living is best described as being isolated --- in some ways.
Unless we have visitors "sail in" we really
do not know what was happening in our "home town".
That is the reason I renewed our weekly "rag" a couple of weeks ago.

All our active lives, [before "real retirement"] revolved
around our Church. Bob was a Pastor/Preacher,
and I might add an excellent one!
That was completely candid,
I would not be prejudiced.
We loved our " Calling".
Seems strange to not know what is happening
down at the Church-house.
We get the weekly bulletin on the
Web, and sometimes hear from our friends, certainly is not the same.

Just a part of "Island" living.

Our goal is to make it to the "Main Land"
for more than Doctor's Visits.
Our hope and plan is to be back in Sunday School
and Church. To go out to dinner with friends.
To take rides to the places around here that we love:
Eugene, Mary's Home,
Down along the Saline,
Lake of the Ozarks, Out to "C"
and Weaver' name a few.

To go to our see our friends who are "shut-in"
and we love to visit.

Those things will come.
 And when they do----

We will leave our Island Home and once again,
live on the Main Land.



  1. This boat is anxious to sail home and dock awhile, Mother! Thank you for sharing so honestly from your heart. Love you! ~Mollianne

  2. Beautiful words, dear Oma! I'd set sail tonight if the world would let me!! You are very loved by this household!

  3. I love you so much, my Bigmama. I've thought often of our lovely conversation a couple of weeks ago. In fact, today as I was buying postcards here in Charleston, I was thinking of you ... and the countless cards layered on my sweet daughter's bulletin board with reminders that she is dearly loved and cared for by a couple of "Island Dwellers" in Eldon, MO.

    I love you so and have a list of questions for you so expect a call from Blythe Island very soon!! Much, much love, Teri Lynne